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Our Commitment to good causes

Every month we will list several charities here and on our social channels that you can vote for. The charity with the most votes each month will receive a donation from us.

About The Peter Wing Foundation

Since early 2022 Megan has run the Peter Wing foundation, in memory of her beloved Father. As a child, Peter was adopted from Druid’s Heath school in Staffordshire and has always been a passionate supporter of charities. Throughout his life, Peter was one of the largest UK charity donors, which led to him meeting the UK’s Prince Charles and other high profile figures who share a passion for helping others.

Continuing in the spirit of Peter’s big heart, Megan has created the Peter Wing foundation as a vehicle to allow Wings Vintage to give regularly to charities.

We will be regularly picking worthy causes to donate a percentage of our profits to and you, our community, get to vote on which one will receive our donation each month!

Please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our social pages for more information!

Sending Help To Help children of war in Ukraine

Due to the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, we will be making our first charity donation to 'Voices of Children'. To help children of war in Ukraine.

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