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fashion doesn't have to cost the earth

Look good and feel great with guilt free, sustainable clothes from Wings Vintage.

We Bring Sustainable Fashion Right To Your Doorstep

Wings Vintage was founded with the goal of providing easy access to ethical clothing and sustainable fashion at very affordable prices. We achieve this on a daily basis by sourcing and selling the best used clothing from inspiring international designers and brands. On top of selling high quality vintage clothes, we also ‘upcycle’ some into new designs, with everything being sold through our website and live sales events. Each year we prevent tons of clothing from being dumped into landfills and in the process we reduce the demand on clothing factories too, directly lowering levels of global pollution.

Modern life is often hectic and it is obvious that slowing down is key if we’re to have great health and to enjoy life to the fullest. Now more than ever we’re discovering that this doesn’t stop with our own routines and that we also need to slow down our mass consumption of clothing and other products. Our team knows that the future of humanity depends on us looking after both our planet and ourselves. We believe it’s time to take personal responsibility for the damage that our choices have been inflicting on our world. Filling our wardrobes with more sustainable clothing is a huge part of the transformation that’s needed and we intend to help set new standards in the sustainable fashion marketplace.

Fast Fashion Needs To Slow Down!

The fashion industry has for too long been spellbound by the profits generated by what has been called ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion brands and retailers produce high volumes of lower quality clothes that are only intended to be used for a short period of time, then thrown away as style trends change at high speed. The result is huge profits for the corporations involved, along with huge amounts of waste, unnecessary pollution, exploitation of factory workers and the fuelling of a throwaway society. These brands are the fast food industry of the fashion world and their profits come at the cost of our environment, our health and are even risking our collective future due to their part in driving the threats of ecological disaster and global warming.

Naturally, those who put empathy before profits have sought to create alternatives to fast fashion, which are collectively sometimes known as ‘slow fashion’. Designers such as Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are big fans of slow fashion, where a goal is to embrace sustainable production processes that respect people, our environment and the animals we share our lives with. Slow fashion designers make use of eco-friendly materials and intend to create products that stand the test of time, with people valuing their clothing and keeping it in use for many years – perhaps even passing it down to future generations.

Slow fashion doesn’t stop with designers, since there are many other ways to slow down the pollution generating mass market for clothes. Buying vintage clothing is much more than just a way to find unusual designs at low prices, it’s also a fantastic way to create sustainability in fashion. At Wings Vintage, we take this a step further by upcycling clothing too, which means that our designers take used clothing and ingeniously re-imagine them to create entirely unique designs for our customers. Our approach means that we can simultaneously reduce pollution, create new fashion styles and help our community to feel good too; so you may notice that our team smiles a lot!

Measuring Up The Problem

According to a 2018 United Nations report into the sustainability of fashion, clothing production doubled globally between 2000 and 2014, with the average person increasing their purchases of clothes by 60% during the same period. They also pointed out that people kept hold of their clothing for half as long as in the years previous. The US imports more than 1 billion items of clothing from China each year and in 2018 the production of fibre used in fabrics reached an all time high of 107 million metric tons.

It is estimated that the fashion industry generates around 10% of the global total emission of greenhouse gasses and additionally is a major contributor to the growing levels of plastics that are entering our oceans. The fashion industry produces more greenhouse gasses annually than international flights and maritime shipping combined! These alone are alarming facts which urge us to take our clothing purchases seriously, but these are only the surface of the impact which our unsustainable clothing choices are having.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that around 85% of all discarded clothing and textiles are not currently recycled in the US and that the average person in the US bins around 70 pounds of clothing per year! When we realise that modern clothing often includes a wide variety of toxic and caustic ingredients, the potential for environmental pollution once they reach the landfill is a terrible prospect.

Fashion is also the most labour intensive industry in the world, with around 16.5% of the global population being involved either directly or indirectly via supply chains. Bangladesh alone has millions of clothing production workers operating in many thousands of factories on behalf of international brands and their global markets. It is estimated that around 85% of these workers are female and so the harsh working conditions and low pay mean that not only does the industry exploit poor countries, but also significantly contributes to gender inequality issues.

Simple Solutions For A Complicated Problem

Sustainability in fashion is already a hot topic and it will only gain in importance as our global challenges become harder to avoid. Thankfully, everyone can play their part in solving the problems created by the unethical decisions made by fast fashion brands and we want to help everyone to do exactly that!

By becoming part of the Wings Vintage community and choosing to build your wardrobe from our ever changing range of sustainable clothing, you are helping to change the world’s situation for the better. There’s no need to feel that you are missing out either, as we stock everything from common high street brands through to the highest quality designer items. When you enjoy yourself at our live events and buy from us online, plus share your excitement with your friends, you are serving us all – so thankyou!

For more information on our journey to help heal the world with eco-friendly clothing, stay in touch via our social profiles and also sign up to our Email newsletter. We’ll see you at a live event near you soon!

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